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BtoB Communications College

BtoB Communications College

The BtoB Communications College offers an intensive lecture course designed to systematically cover the theory and practice of business-to-business communications by illuminating the communication elements required in business transactions from various angles, both theoretical and practical. Opened as the Industrial Advertising College in 1992, the program has attracted many participants. A complete course consists of 25 well-structured and accessible lectures given by experts from academia and leading specialists in the respective industry sectors. Although the four traditional mass media, namely, television, newspapers, magazines, and radio, continue to be important for the propagation of information, the diversification of communication tools brought about by the Internet has greatly changed the landscape of BtoB communications. The BtoB Communications College is oriented toward developing the power to communicate information that enhances corporate value, as well as imparting the ability to deal appropriately with globalization. The lecture course is also linked to the only BtoB communication related qualification in Japan, the Business Marketing Communication Master. Upon completion of the entire course, a certificate is issued that affords a great advantage when taking the BMC Master exam.

What Is BtoB Advertising?

BtoB advertising, also referred to as BtoB communications or business marketing communications, can be defined as organized activities aimed at smoothly creating, maintaining, and supporting business transactions mainly in the production goods market and business goods market. Nowadays, various general expressions for advertising by businesses aimed at other businesses are in use, with the terms also including distribution advertising, agricultural advertising, and specialized advertising:

◆Business to Business Ad

◆B-to-B Ad,B2B Ad

◆Business Ad,Business Marketing Communications

Outline of the BtoB Communications College

Principal Kazue Shimamura (Professor, School of Commerce, Waseda University; BBAA representative)
Vice-principal Eiji Kawachi (BBAA Adviser, BMC Committee Member)

Tokyo school
Every Tuesday from June 10 to September 30, 2014 (closed in August)
* May be changed according to circumstances


Tokyo school: Seminar room at Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun headquarters (planned)

Target participants Persons wishing to acquire a solid basic understanding of the entire field of BtoB communications
Certificate of completion Issued to participants who have attended at least 20 of the 25 lectures.
A test covering content from all lectures is given at the end of the course to participants who have attended all lectures. Participants achieving 70+ points in this test receive an Excellence Award (Citation), which is mailed to their residence or place of work. A great advantage is that the completion certificate is linked to the BMC Master qualification exam administered by the Japan BtoB Advertising Association.
Course fees

<Entire course (25 lectures)>

Company members 105,840 JPY, General public 162,000 JPY, Students 75,600 JPY

<Single lectures (per lecture)>

Company members 8,640 JPY, General public 12,960 JPY, Students 5,400 JPY

* All prices are inclusive of tax.

Capacity 30 participants

Tokyo school:
Japan BtoB Advertising Association (General Incorporated Association), Administration Office at Headquarters
Tel: 03-5645-8852 Fax: 03-5645-8853

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